International orders / how to buy the book?

Suomen hyppyhämähäkit

Book details

Suomen hyppyhämähäkit (The Jumping Spiders of Finland)
Author: Karjalainen, Sami
ISBN: 9789523821811
Page size: 210 mm × 245 mm (hardcover)
Number of pages: 272
Language: Finnish with with a preface and short summaries in English
Publisher: Docendo
Year of publication: 2022

See inside the book (pdf)

How to buy the book?

The book is available for international orders at The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.

They also sell jumping spider posters.

Unfortunately their shop is in Finnish only. In any problems please contact them at luontokauppa @

Other book shops known to sell the book

Docendo (the publisher)
Book depository
Adlibris in Sweden
Adlibris in Norway

Update (December 2022): The book seems to be sold out.